Thom and Jeff Happy Together 2.0 Wedding Cubees

Thom and Jeff Happy Together 2.0 Wedding Cubees

Were you at our wedding and want to relive the magic, over and over? Couldn’t make it and want to re-enact the day, imagining yourself right there with us? Or maybe just sick and tired of our annoying love and want to stick pins in our avatars or put us in compromising positions?

Now you can!

Download, cut, and fold — no tape or glue necessary! — your very own Jeff and Thom Happy Together 2.0 wedding cubees. Play with us, pose us, take us on vacation with you, or just stomp our cuteness — our horrible, horrible cuteness — flat. It’s all up to you!


Click for full-size high-resolution patterns. For best results, print onto card stock. I used 65 lb. for the models displayed here and at the buffet table at our reception.

Cubee - Jeff Cubee - Thom

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