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August 11, 2009 No comments Posted by Jeff under: Photos and Videos, Wedding

Last Friday we had an engagement photo shoot with our friend and event photographer Julie Bernstein of Funcrunch Photo. Most of the photos were taken at Stanford (my alma mater), especially the Papua New Guinea Sculpture Garden, which has a lot of great wood and stone carvings. We also took some back here in Daly City at the house and at nearby Westmoor High School. We got the photos back yesterday, and they turned out great. Here are a few:

Engagement photos - Papua New Guinea Sculpture Garden, Stanford

Engagement photos - Stanford Memorial Church

Engagement photos - Westmoor High School

Engagement photos - Home

There are more in my engagement photo set on Flickr. And Thom has started a Flickr group for photos/videos related to our wedding, appropriately called Happy Together. It’s a way to get everyone’s photos of the wedding onto a central place that everyone can view. We’ve already added some photos there; additionally, if you’re a Flickr member, you can join the group to add your own photos to the pool. Otherwise you can e-mail photos to us and we’ll post them. Fun!

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